straight character: (checks out someones ass)

straight character: (engages in superfluous romance)

straight character: (has lots of casual sex)

straight character: (oh shit a love triangle)

straight audience:

queer character: (expresses hints of attraction)

straight audience: UGH why does EVERYTHING have to come down to their fucking sexuality?? it doesnt MATTER it should just be a NON-ISSUE


[There is a] general principle of internet language these days that the more overwhelmed with emotions you are, the less sensical your sentence structure gets, which I’ve described elsewhere as “stylized verbal incoherence mirroring emotional incoherence” and which leads us to expressions like “feels,” “I can’t even/I’ve lost the ability to can,” and “because reasons.”

Contrast this with first-generation internet language, demonstrated by LOLcat or 1337speak, and in general characterized by abbreviations containing numbers and single letters, often in caps (C U L8R), smilies containing noses, and words containing deliberate misspellings.

We’ve now moved on: broadly speaking, second-generation internet language plays with grammar instead of spelling. If you’re a doomsayer, the innovative syntax is one more thing to throw up your hands about, but compared to a decade or two ago, the spelling has gotten shockingly conventional.

In this sense, doge really is the next generation of LOLcat, in terms of a pet-based snapshot of a certain era in internet language. We’ve kept the idea that animals speak like an exaggerated version of an internet-savvy human, but as our definitions of what it means to be a human on the internet have changed, so too have the voices that we give our animals. Wow.



A Linguist Explains the Grammar of Doge. Wow.

This is my favourite part, if I do say so myself. See also the summary doge macro.

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"Memory is not a storage place but a story we tell ourselves in retrospect. As such, it is made of storytelling materials: embroidery and forgery, perplexity and urgency, revelation and darkness."

- Noam Shpancer (via amandaonwriting)

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Ludwig Wittgenstein was probably the most influential analytic philosopher of the 20th century. Realistically, it never would have worked between us because he was gay and probably the hardest person to be around due to his harshness and high standards. He was certainly not afraid to tell people they were wrong and deride them for it. But he’s still a cutie who wins my heart each time I read propositions in Philosophical Investigations. 

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